Program Details

  • Education & Coaching

    9 Modules of Teaching & Exercise Videos

  • Commitment & Structure

    4-Week Committed training regimen, personalized to your schedule

  • Accountability & Community

    Weekly 1-on-1 Coaching Calls; Daily training regimen emails; Access to private FB Group for anytime Q&A

  • The Foundation of Core Strength

    Learn how to create a stable foundation with Core Centered Breathing

  • Phase 1: Awaken Your Deep Core Anchor System (Postural Awareness)

  • Phase 2: Developing Motor Control (Neuromuscular Re-education)

  • Phase 3: Groove New Patterns of Movement (Functional Movement Training)

  • Phase 4: Maintaining Your Strong, Stable & Balanced Core

20-Minute Strategy Session

Core Balance Training is not perfect for everyone. Before enrolling a New Student, we want to be sure he or she is appropriate for the program. Schedule a free 20-minute strategy call with Dr. Ryan Peebles to see if you are a good fit.

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  • Dr. Ryan Peebles DPT
    I’ve now worked in rehab facilities, outpatient clinics, sports clinics, with Olympic athletes, geriatrics, pediatrics, a professional sports team, and even in a hospital. Wherever I go, I see lower back pain, and muscle imbalances underneath.
    Dr. Ryan Peebles DPT

60-Day "Action Taker" Guarantee

Our confidence in the Core Balance Training Program allows us to offer a full 60-day money back guarantee. If you complete the program, and are still unhappy with your results, we will issue you a full refund.

  • Dr. Ryan Peebles PT, DPT
    My mission is to put a dent in the lower back pain epidemic by empowering people. I want to help inspire the movement towards people taking responsibility for their own health. Empower yourself. Learn the incredibly valuable knowledge of what’s happening to your body and how to reverse it. I learned the hard way over 14 years. Let me share it with you.
    Dr. Ryan Peebles PT, DPT

Free 20-Minute Strategy Call

Balance Your Core. Feel The Result.

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