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  • Dr. Ryan Peebles PT, DPT
    “I discovered muscle imbalances as the cause of my back problems. This holistic (whole-body) concept resonated with me. It connected the dots and served as an explanation for things…
    Dr. Ryan Peebles PT, DPT

What's included in the Mini-Course?

The Art of Core Balance: 3-Part Video Series

  • Part I - The Root Cause of Lower Back Pain (8 Mins)
  • Part II - Why They Happen & The Bridge (5 Mins)
  • Part III - How to Reverse Back Pain with Core Balance Training (8 Mins)


"The Perfect Bridge" - One of the most powerful tools in the Core Balance Training Program. Learn how to do the Bridge in a specific way, targeted at reversing chronic lower back pain.

Bonus PDF: "5 Steps to Reversing Lower Back Pain"

  • Back problems cast a shadow over my life for a dozen or so years. I tried everything from PT to chiropractic, acupuncture, rolfing, yoga, pilates, and you name it.  There’s no crazy transformation in my story, just an ever-evolving, deepening understanding of the body, which I will share with you:

    Surf Photo

    I used to be an athlete. Not anymore. I couldn’t play sports or pursue my passion of surfing because I was hurting myself every time I went. One chiro told me that I'd be in a wheelchair by the time I was 30.  A PT told me that if I could just hold off from getting surgery for 5 more years, the technology would be much better by then.

    So I was lying on my bedroom floor. It was my usual spot, but this time was different. Not only did I have my normal lower back pain, but I also had neck pain. I started to realize that what I had wasn’t just a back problem, but a whole body problem. That was when I decided to take responsibility in my own hands. When I was 24 I committed my life to lower back and core rehabilitation.  


    In the following years I consumed books and articles. I discovered muscle imbalances as a possible cause of back pain. This holistic (whole body) concept resonated with me. It connected the dots and served as an explanation for things. Ultimately, the key that unlocked my pain was restoring my body’s core muscular balance.

    Graduation Photo

    I earned my Doctorate in Physical Therapy with high honors just before my 30th birthday. I’ve now worked in rehab facilities, outpatient clinics, sports clinics, with Olympic athletes, geriatrics, pediatrics, a professional sports team, and even in a hospital. Wherever I go, I see lower back pain, and muscle imbalances underneath.

    The longer I work in this profession, the more evident it becomes that so many people are experiencing the same thing. It was a game-changer when I truly understood that my back pain was a result of muscle imbalances in my core. Empower yourself. Learn the incredibly valuable knowledge of what’s happening to your body and how to reverse it. I learned the hard way over 14 years. Let me share it with you.


    With Gratitude,

    Dr. Ryan Peebles PT, DPT

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